Any participant under 18 must have CJ’s SKATEPARK, a Not-For-Profit Corporation, waiver signed by their own parent or legal guardian on site in order to participate.

Our insurance company requires that a parent or legal guardian – of each participant – complete the waiver form on-site at CJ’s SKATEPARK in the presence of a CJ’s staff member who will witness the signature. If the parent is not coming to the park to drop their child off then they must also submit a completed waiver form and a photocopy of their driver’s license or valid photo ID that has a signature on it so that we are able to verify the signature on the ID matches the signature on the waiver. The adult (18+, photo ID required) who is dropping the participant off will be required to witness the form to verify the information is accurate. If the waiver is printed on multiple sheets all sheets must be initialed by the parent or legal guardian.

Any participant over 18 will be required to show valid photo ID and sign a waiver on site once at the skate park (in the presence of a CJ’s SKATEPARK staff member who will witness the signature).

In all cases a CJ’s SKATEPARK staff member will verify that the above requirements are met and will enter the participant into the system, so on the next visit all that will be required of him/her is to sign in with their membership card.

A CJ’s SKATEPARK Membership Card gives you a discount on both lessons and attendance, and pays for itself in 4 visits or less!

It is mandatory to check in and out each time at the front office when you arrive. This is a security measure which helps us monitor everyone safely.


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