Alex started working at CJ’s SKATEPARK shortly after we first opened and has been skateboarding for over 2 decades. Alex helped develop our family skate program which has parents and their kids skating on Sunday mornings.

He also enjoys giving all kinds of lessons and hosts a 25+ years (older skaters) group for beginners on Sunday mornings. He works well with children of all ages.

Alex’s specialty is transition skating and his favourite tricks are front side grinds. Alex wears many hats at CJ’s and is always in demand and extremely dependable!

It’s great to watch Alex perform some of his amazing tricks on the various ramps in the park. His rapport and respect from the skate community just grows and grows.

He is both an excellent skater with a great style and amazing teacher for any age group. Whether it is a 4 year old just starting out, a seasoned advance rider or an older adult, you will not be disappointed by Alex.

Alex is always positive and like most skateboarders, it continues to be a passion for him.

His dedication/loyalty to CJ’s is amazing and he has turned down other jobs/careers that have offered more money, to stay with CJ’s and his passion. He was the first instructor at CJ’s to get certified in the ISCP/SKATZ Certification Program and is trained in CPR and First Aid.

He has developed into a great mentor for others and it’s been a rewarding journey watching him evolve and become the true leader and role model that he is today.




Mike has been skating for almost 2 decades and been a part of CJ’s team since day one. He started skateboarding because of his brother, and it really helped him get through school since he didn’t enjoy team sports. Skateboarding has always been a passion for Mike. The skills he’s learned have allowed his efforts to be successful while at the same time giving him the thrill and happiness that comes along with it.

Since he began his skateboarding career he has met hundreds of people who share his passion and that is what he loves most about this sport. It’s a lifestyle he has been so happy to have, and it’s only to expand as he keeps growing both with his skating and in life teaching others.

He was a competitive skater and was sponsored when he was younger and to this day still has an amazing style and many impressive tricks. What he loves about CJ’s is it’s a great way to connect with everyone who follows the same road, and it seems to be a second home for him. It’s a place to hangout, skate, and just be surrounded in the positive atmosphere of skateboarding.

Since he has been at CJ’s from the beginning he has taught many different types of classes with every kind of student you can imagine – group lessons, summer camps, PA days, winter camps, middle-school classes, autism classes, Kids Being Kids and one-on-one coaching. The list goes on. Mike has had many experiences with each and every one of those events and has grown in so many different areas. As he continually expands his knowledge, he hopes to seek more by learning from others and coaching.

According to Mike, “Skateboarding is probably the most savoring thing a person could do for your lifestyle. My goal would be to share my experiences with others, and give them the opportunities to see the greatest parts skateboarding brings.” He was the second instructor at CJ’s to get certified in the ISCP/SKATZ Certification Program and is trained in CPR and First Aid.

Mike has an incredible amount of patience and a wonderful demeanor which allows him to be an incredible instructor and coach as well he is a talented artist.




Larry began his employment at CJ’s on April 14, 2014. Prior to that he was a consultant to the park under his company name of Wirefox Consulting. Larry has served in several capacities in his time at the skatepark primarily in management and administration. He now serves the park as a senior admin./supervisor and is referred to as “The Old Man of the Sk8park”. Prior to 2014 he was retired from 30+ years in paper manufacturing, paper mill sales and paper distribution. Larry’s interaction with the skateboarding community has certainly helped to keep him thinking young and a little insane.




Devin Morgan has been specializing in professional scooter tricks and is known for his technical abilities for almost 10 years. He has traveled throughout Canada and the United States pursuing his passion for scooter riding after graduating high school. Because of his drive he has been given the opportunity to ride with some of the most respected scooter professionals, including Ryan Williams and Jon deVrind.

Devin has been involved with teaching scooters for the past couple years at CJ’s and is one of our most accomplished scooter instructors. Devin isn’t only talented on a scooter, he is also certified in the ISCP/SKATZ Certification Program and helps with our skateboarding programs as well. You can see his drive and determination on and off the scooter and that is what makes him a great teacher. He enjoys sharing his stories and teaching his vast knowledge of riding at CJ’s.



Trint Thomas is our co-manager, program manager, head instructor, team manager and a master coach, he leads all of our intermediate and advanced programs. Trint is bilingual in English and French has been coaching skateboarding for 10 years and skating for 18 years, previously he was a professional snowboarder. He understands what it takes to bring an athlete from grassroots level to the elite professional leagues. Trint has a keen eye for talent and consistently selects the best athletes to push into the next level.

His specialty is street style skating as well as general contest preparation and developing athletic performance. Trint loves technical tricks and heavy impact skills. You can catch him flipping into our granite ledges or jumping down our stacks of stairs.

Trint is a certified ISCP/SKATZ instructor and facilitator, he also possesses numerous other sport coaching certifications as well as First Aid and CPR. Trint uses his wide array of sporting knowledge and sporting background to develop and provide innovative, top of the line skateboard lessons and training programs.

In his spare time Trint is a professional fine art photographer specializing in traditional black and white analog photography. He uses vintage cameras and a darkroom to develop his 35mm negatives and enlarges the negatives himself. It is very important to Trint as an artist to have control of the final product from start to finish.




Jet is an OCT registered teacher with a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education and a Master’s Degree in Primary Education. Jet also had a 6-year collegiate basketball career both in Canada and Australia.

Jet’s passion for skateboarding is what got him back into the sport and working at CJ’s. Jet is an ISCP/SKATZ instructor who combines his skating experience and teaching experience to create a welcoming environment for new skaters.



Jacob is a sponsored scooter rider and has been riding for almost 9 years, he is known for his style of riding and filming. Jacob has travelled through out Canada and the United states through scootering, and has been given the opportunity to ride with some of the industry’s best including Zack Martin and Parrish Issacs. He holds riding scooters, skating, and the skatepark environment very close to his heart because he knows first hand the relationships and passions it can build.

Jacob started with us at CJ’S this summer doing camps and has branched out in to all of our programs including group and private scooter/skate lessons. Along with a handful of people in Ontario, Jacob is ISCP/SKATZ certified. He is very good with timid kids, and has a knack for getting them to open up and be more comfortable in our facility, on and off their boards. Weather Jacob is cruising around at a skatepark, riding in the streets, filming/editing a video, or teaching a lesson he is always giving it his all which is quite the admirable quality.


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