Alex Gallagher

Alex started working at CJ’s SKATEPARK shortly after we first opened and has been skateboarding for over 2 decades. Alex helped develop our family skate program which has parents and their kids skating on Sunday mornings.

He also enjoys giving all kinds of lessons and hosts a 25+ years (older skaters) group for beginners on Sunday mornings. He works well with children of all ages.

Alex’s specialty is transition skating and his favourite tricks are front side grinds. Alex wears many hats at CJ’s and is always in demand and extremely dependable!

It’s great to watch Alex perform some of his amazing tricks on the various ramps in the park. His rapport and respect from the skate community just grows and grows.

He is both an excellent skater with a great style and amazing teacher for any age group. Whether it is a 4 year old just starting out, a seasoned advance rider or an older adult, you will not be disappointed by Alex.

Alex is always positive and like most skateboarders, it continues to be a passion for him.

His dedication/loyalty to CJ’s is amazing and he has turned down other jobs/careers that have offered more money, to stay with CJ’s and his passion. He was the first instructor at CJ’s to get certified in the ISCP/SKATZ Certification Program and is trained in CPR and First Aid.

He has developed into a great mentor for others and it’s been a rewarding journey watching him evolve and become the true leader and role model that he is today.

Mike Seifert

Mike has been skating for almost 2 decades and been a part of CJ’s team since day one. He started skateboarding because of his brother, and it really helped him get through school since he didn’t enjoy team sports. Skateboarding has always been a passion for Mike. The skills he’s learned have allowed his efforts to be successful while at the same time giving him the thrill and happiness that comes along with it.

Since he began his skateboarding career he has met hundreds of people who share his passion and that is what he loves most about this sport. It’s a lifestyle he has been so happy to have, and it’s only to expand as he keeps growing both with his skating and in life teaching others.

He was a competitive skater and was sponsored when he was younger and to this day still has an amazing style and many impressive tricks. What he loves about CJ’s is it’s a great way to connect with everyone who follows the same road, and it seems to be a second home for him. It’s a place to hangout, skate, and just be surrounded in the positive atmosphere of skateboarding.

Since he has been at CJ’s from the beginning he has taught many different types of classes with every kind of student you can imagine – group lessons, summer camps, PA days, winter camps, middle-school classes, autism classes, Kids Being Kids and one-on-one coaching. The list goes on. Mike has had many experiences with each and every one of those events and has grown in so many different areas. As he continually expands his knowledge, he hopes to seek more by learning from others and coaching.

According to Mike, “Skateboarding is probably the most savoring thing a person could do for your lifestyle. My goal would be to share my experiences with others, and give them the opportunities to see the greatest parts skateboarding brings.” He was the second instructor at CJ’s to get certified in the ISCP/SKATZ Certification Program and is trained in CPR and First Aid.

Mike has an incredible amount of patience and a wonderful demeanor which allows him to be an incredible instructor and coach as well he is a talented artist.

Mikey Kahn
Social Media and Team Manager

Social Media and Team Manager


Mikey’s parents bought him his first old school board at the age of 10 and he was instantly hooked. He still remembers rolling around the house on his hands and knees the day he got it and by the age of 12 he was already ripping his first new school set up to and from school, ollieing everything in sight.

After a serious accident back in 2006 and months of physical therapy, his sports doctor had blown his world apart with the unfortunate news that he had to immediately stop skateboarding due to the lack of recovery from the injuries.

With an educational background in marketing and having grown up from a young age with a camera in hand (and a skateboard in the other) he spent the past 4 years working in France for a skateboard company as their Director of Marketing and skateboard team manger travelling throughout Europe photographing and filming/directing video parts with the team.

After a 13 year hiatus from skateboarding (and moving back to Canada), he’s built a mini ramp in his back yard and is back on his board!  

After taking private lessons at CJ’s and falling in love with the concept of teaching skateboarding, Mikey started working at CJ’s in Summer of 2019. 

“Having grown up skateboarding in the early 90’s when there wasn’t an opportunity to be taught by an instructor and you just learned with your friends, it really boggled my mind how having a dedicated teacher can help so much! It’s all about the little tweaks, suggestions, and demonstrations that really make a difference!”

Matt Williams

Matt started skateboarding when he was 12 years old. Back then, he rode for a local board shop down in the USA where he grew up. Later he became part of the Rail Skate Park (since closed) and he was there for several years. He is an excellent skateboarder and is always learning new things while staying in shape at the same time.

Fast forward to today, he’s heavily involved in the Special Needs Program at CJ’s SKATEPARK to help remove barriers for children who want to get involved in skateboarding. He is an incredibly talented teacher who understands children with any challenges and in a fun safe way, bonds with them and helps them succeed.He is also certified in the ISCP/SKATZ Certification Program and is trained in CPR and First Aid.

When Matt isn’t skating, you can find him on his motorcycle or expressing some creativity with graphic design. Aside from that, Matt helps with SBC Media to bring fresh content to Canadians across 7 action sports publications including his personal favourite, SBC SKATEBOARD. Skateboarding is clearly a passion for Matt and he loves it!

Larry Boyle

Larry began his employment at CJ’s on April 14, 2014. Prior to that he was a consultant to the park under his company name of Wirefox Consulting. Larry has served in several capacities in his time at the skatepark primarily in management and administration. He now serves the park as a senior admin./supervisor and is referred to as “The Old Man of the Sk8park”. Prior to 2014 he was retired from 30+ years in paper manufacturing, paper mill sales and paper distribution. Larry’s interaction with the skateboarding community has certainly helped to keep him thinking young and a little insane.

Daniel Kratochvil

Daniel has been a volunteer instructor with CJ’s SKATEPARK since July 2009. He has had the opportunity to work with children affected by cancer and other special needs, though primarily works with children with autism. Dan’s success with these kids is incredible and he finds it so rewarding and that’s why he volunteers on the weekends to help others.

A skateboarder for over 2 decades, Daniel finds the opportunity to coach younger skaters extremely rewarding. Not only is Dan an incredible street skateboarder he is also a great instructor. He is also certified in the ISCP/SKATZ Certification Program and is trained in CPR and First Aid.

Dan is also the editor of “RAMP UP”, a book that teaches both kids and parents how to SKATEBOARD written by our founder Jay Mandarino.

When Dan is not at CJ’s on the weekends his, full-time job is in the finance industry where he has a management role.

Rebecca Tisdelle

Rebecca is a part-time instructor at CJ’s SKATEPARK!

When she’s not helping or teaching at CJ’s she is a talented artist specializing in documentary and portrait photography with many clients in and around the GTA. She picked up her first camera at age 7 but didn’t learn to skate until she was 32.

In 2015 her 10-year-old son picked up an interest in skateboarding after watching a documentary on skateboarding. A quick Google search led them to CJ’s SKATEPARK and skateboarding has become a family passion.

When she isn’t at CJ’s, Rebecca can be found bombing hills and cruising the paths along the Humber River, learning new lines at 8th Street skatepark or shooting photos with locals.

Rebecca has recently starting sharing her love for skateboarding by teaching the 5 for 5 and Beginner Level Program, as well as helping with CJ’s PA Day and summer camps. She is also certified in the ISCP/SKATZ Certification Program and is trained in CPR and First Aid.

According to our founder, “What I love about Rebecca is her approach with kids especially since she’s a mom! She understands the emotional as well as the physical needs of young children. I’ve had the pleasure of watching her teach some of the lessons and have seen her in summer camp when her students are presenting what they’ve learned at the end of the week which was a lot of fun.”

It is clear that Rebecca has a passion for helping others in both her professional field and in her teaching career with us at CJ’s SKATEPARK and we are lucky to have her!

Devin Morgan

Devin Morgan has been specializing in professional scooter tricks and is known for his technical abilities for almost 10 years. He has traveled throughout Canada and the United States pursuing his passion for scooter riding after graduating high school. Because of his drive he has been given the opportunity to ride with some of the most respected scooter professionals, including Ryan Williams and Jon deVrind.

Devin has been involved with teaching scooters for the past couple years at CJ’s and is one of our most accomplished scooter instructors. Devin isn’t only talented on a scooter, he is also certified in the ISCP/SKATZ Certification Program and helps with our skateboarding programs as well. You can see his drive and determination on and off the scooter and that is what makes him a great teacher. He enjoys sharing his stories and teaching his vast knowledge of riding at CJ’s.

Aimee Garrett
Skateboard Instructor

Aimee grew up in a small rural Ontario town and traveled to a bigger city for high school and that is where she started to take an interest in skateboarding. She has been actively skating since the late 1990’s and is a certified Skateboard instructor.
Aimee has had numerous sponsors throughout the years and is currently a Vans and Dickies Clothing ambassador.
She not only works for CJ’s but is collaborating with Vans as an events coordinator organizing local women’s skateboarding events.
 Throughout the years through her dedication and passion for street skateboarding, Aimee has had multiple published photos in National magazines and still continues to have photos published regularily. 
Aimee started working at Cj’s in the summer of 2019 as the Ontario Place Lesson coordinator. Aimee currently resides in the country and runs a small hobby farm with her longtime partner. She continues to travel to the city on weekends for work and skateboarding of course.
“I have seen firsthand the positive effects that Aimiee has on her students and she is defiantly empowering and we are so glad to have her part of our organization.”
Jay Mandarino

Skateboard Instructor

Lucas has been an instructor and volunteer at CJ’s since day one. He started skateboarding over 10 years ago and has become an incredibly talented skateboarder continually progressing and developing his own great personal style.

During our camps Lucas is one of the favourites with the campers! He is a great instructor and the kids love him and that’s because, like a lot of us, he’s a big kid himself!

He is certified in the ISCP/SKATZ Certification Program and is trained in CPR and First Aid. Lucas was awarded the Ontario Volunteer Service Award in 2016 for his committed dedication and volunteer work with CJ’s Skatepark.

Here is a great quote from Lucas. “I love skateboarding but I love helping kids the most, including those with special needs (autism, cancer, etc.). The amount of new people I have met at CJ’s is awesome!”

“Lucas loves meeting new people and sharing his passion for skateboarding. This is a common bond that a lot of our students have with each other. If you ask Lucas he will tell you he loves CJ’s and being a part of it.” Jay Mandarino

Laura Nowak
Skateboard Instructor
Laura grew up watching her older brother skateboard but was never interested herself until adulthood. As a child, she would accompany her parents to the skatepark to watch her brother skate, but never saw any girls or women on the board. She wonders now if she had seen other girls skating alongside her brother and his friends, she may have developed an interest sooner. A few years ago, Laura drove with her friends to a bowl competition in London, Ontario, only to find out the contest had no women’s division. Her friends encouraged her to skate anyways, and although she placed dead last, a young girl came up to her after the contest and asked for her autograph. That’s when she realized she could be a role model in skateboarding, and she is super excited about how the gender landscape in skateboarding is evolving. Laura is stoked to be part of the CJs team that encourages and supports girls and women in skating.
Laura is a certified Skateboard Instructor and teaches private lessons at CJ’s Skatepark, and is particularly skilled at beginner lessons. As a newer skateboarder herself, Laura remembers the specific physical and psychological challenges of balancing on a skateboard for the first time or doing your first kick turn or drop in, as well as the absolute joy that is experienced when something new is learned and mastered.
Laura likes to skate transition, and has competed in women’s divisions of bowl competitions across Ontario. She is also part of the small group of women and girls who like to skate CJ’s 13 foot vert ramp, and she’s very thankful for all the support she receives from the more experienced vert skaters.
Outside of skateboarding, Laura has a degree in fine art photography and is currently attending school to obtain her second
“I have had the pleasure of working with Laura over the last year and find her is an incredible teacher who and her students whether they are young children or adults feel safe and inspired to learn with her.” Jay Mandarino


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